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What To Wear On Your Cycle Challenge - Essential Challenge Tips

Posted by Dan Painter on 01-Nov-2017 15:15:06

It’s vitally important that you wear the appropriate clothing on your cycle challenge, so you can enjoyevery moment of your experience. Selecting the right garments and equipment will help towards ensuring that your cycle challenges are as comfortable and safe as possible.



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What To Wear And Pack For A Trek - Essential Challenge Tips

Posted by Dan Painter on 01-Nov-2017 15:13:26

 If you've decided to do a trek challenge, being well prepared and having the right equipment to hand

can make a real difference to the comfort and enjoyment of your experience. In particular, for extreme or long-distance treks, having appropriate equipment and knowing how to use it correctly, is crucial. Here are some essential items to pack on your trek.


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Marathon walk london: goal ticked

Posted by Dan Painter on 28-Sep-2017 09:56:31

On the 23rd of September, one of our fabulous participants, Julia Bloxham, fulfilled her lifelong dream of completing a marathon. Along the way she overcame uncertainties, from fitness to sponsorship's, as well as meeting new people and making friends. This is a blog post she wrote following the event about staying positive and pushing through those aches and pains! 

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Why Machu Picchu is not the best bit of the Inca Trail

Posted by Dan Painter on 03-Feb-2017 11:39:42


 ...and it tops many a bucket list, but there is so much more to this place than the (undeniably impressive) ruins of Machu Picchu.

When you make the decision to do this challenge, and it is something we frequently hear in the office, it is often because you've always wanted to see Machu Picchu. But if you're looking to really let this magical place get under your skin and make the most of the whole experience, here is what truly makes this trip unforgettable:

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Trekking Borneo: What it's like to climb Mount Kinabalu

Posted by Dan Painter on 08-Apr-2016 12:30:07
Challenge Co-ordinator Dan departed the office on the 23rd February, bound for Borneo, to join a group of enthusiastic challengers all fundraising for The Princess Alexandra Hospital. This was his first time in Borneo, so we couldn't wait to hear all about it when he joined us back at DA HQ. 

Dan's first hand insight in to this Pioneering challenge keeps it simple:

  • The best bits (simply the bits that make your spine tingle with excitement)
  • The worst bits (we're honest, so here's what you should know - we like you to be able to make an informed decision!)
  • Top Tips (the kind of know how you need from someone who's been there and done it)
  • Why he recommends it and who will it suit? (the bottom line - is this the challenge for you? on to find out)
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