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Opting Out: Decoding Our National Three Peaks Challenge Decision

Posted by Eva Bryan on 24-Apr-2024 12:44:21

With the focus turning ever more towards responsible tourism and growing noise about over-tourism around the world, we believe that it’s our duty to ensure we care for the environments closer to home, too.

Over the years, participants and charities alike have requested that we run the National Three Peaks Challenge. The event's allure has drawn crowds for decades, with droves of trekkers descending on the majestic landscapes of Scafell Pike, Snowdon, and Ben Nevis. Yet behind this seemingly uncontroversial event is a web of negative impacts stretching these breathtaking regions to their limits.

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The next big step on our Responsible Tourism journey

Posted by Jess Pitman on 05-Apr-2024 09:13:26

Hopefully, you know by now that we've always believed that sustainability isn't just a trend—it's a fundamental principle that guides everything we do. Today, we're excited to announce a huge step in our continued journey of sustainability, or more accurately, responsible tourism. Through our partnership with SCB Group, we will offset not just some but all of our carbon emissions, including flights.

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Sustainability at DA HQ

Posted by Eva Bryan on 27-Mar-2024 15:17:02

From Wanderlust to Watts: How Discover Adventure is Powering Sustainable Travel - One Solar Panel at a Time!


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Exploring the Sands of Arrakis: Dune and Our Trek to Ancient Petra

Posted by Eva Bryan on 15-Mar-2024 10:34:45

As the highly anticipated sequel to the epic blockbuster “Dune” is currently in cinemas and enchanting audiences with its visually stunning cinematography and grand scale, it’s hard not to be captivated by the sweeping desert landscapes that serve as the backdrop to this sci-fi masterpiece. You might not realise that much of the film was shot on location in the deserts of Jordan, adding an extra layer of authenticity to its portrayal of the harsh world of Arrakis.

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30 years of DA; 30 Acres protected with World Land Trust

Posted by Jess Pitman on 05-Mar-2024 07:00:00

“The money that is given to the World Land Trust, in my estimation, has more effect on the wild world than almost anything I can think of” 


Sir David Attenborough, Patron of World Land Trust

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30 Years of Responsible Travel

Posted by Jess Pitman on 28-Feb-2024 16:28:56

“Take only photos, leave only footprints.”

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