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The 10 Best Adventures to have in 2018

Posted by Rachel on 27-Apr-2017 16:18:16


Want to do something different and challenging in 2018? Now is the best time to pick up our 2017-18 challenge brochure or go to our website and choose a trip of a lifetime to sign up to - from cycling in Vietnam to trekking in Burma, we think you'll struggle to not find something to satisfy your wanderlust! It may seem crazy to book a whole year in advance, but this way it gives you plenty of time to train, fundraise if necessary and get excited!

So here is what we think are the 10 best adventures to do in 2018.. 



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Posted by Rachel on 21-Apr-2017 12:02:37

Want to know more about our Costa Rica Coast to Coast Rainforest Trek? It's the go-to destination at the moment, so when our very own Kim (DAHQ IT Manager by day) decided to take on this adventure herself, we couldn't wait to ask her what it was like to swap the UK winter for the heat and humidity of the Costa Rican jungle... 

So what to look out for in this blog?

  • Kim's personal trip highlights (of which there were many!)
  • The reason it is classified as a TOUGH challenge (grade three)
  • Kim's five top tips (for you to be able to make the most of the challenge)
  • Why she recommends it and who it will suit (to find out if this challenge is for you!)
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5 ways to survive a Marathon Walk

Posted by Rachel on 11-Apr-2017 17:57:15



Whether you are walking 13 miles or 26, along roads or across mountains, these tough 'ultra' challenges require preparation. 

Preparing for an ultra challenge is essential and means you'll enjoy the event all the more - from keeping yourself going en-route to making sure you cross the finish line! Yes, it will be challenging, you will push yourself out of your comfort zone, but never fear - that's why we've put together our bullet point marathon walk survival guide: 

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Posted by Stephanie Morris on 11-Apr-2017 08:50:39

An interview with Adele Adityah, Fundraising Officer for RedR UK

A question both Discover Adventure and our charity partners are commonly asked is, 'Why would I ask people to sponsor me to go to an amazing place?' and 'What will the money I raise actually go towards?' 

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