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Posted by Rachel Beard on 21-Apr-2017 12:02:37

Want to know more about our Costa Rica Coast to Coast Rain forest Trek? It's the go-to destination at the moment, so when our very own Kim (DA HQ IT Manager by day) decided to take on this adventure herself, we couldn't wait to ask her what it was like to swap the UK winter for the heat and humidity of the Costa Rican jungle... 

So what to look out for in this blog?

  • Kim's personal trip highlights (of which there were many!)
  • The reason it is classified as a TOUGH challenge (grade three)
  • Kim's five top tips (for you to be able to make the most of the challenge)
  • Why she recommends it and who it will suit (to find out if this challenge is for you!)
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Leader insight from Vic Titorenko

Posted by Stephanie Morris on 03-Aug-2016 19:13:45

Vic is one of our most charismatic leaders! Having lead many of our overseas trek challenges you'll find that there's nothing he doesn't know about climbing Kilimanjaro or trekking to Base Camp. There's a good chance that he'll be guiding your next Challenge so with that in mind, we wanted to know a little bit more about what he thinks of our DA Challenge portfolio, so we found out...

  • His all time favourite DA Challenge (because that's a recommendation in itself!)
  • The passport stamp he'd most like to have (would you agree?)
  • His top tip for adventure challenges (a bit of leader wisdom never goes amiss!)
  • And something we might not know...

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Helen puts the spotlight on Trekking in Asia

Posted by Stephanie Morris on 01-Aug-2016 17:34:07

Helen has worked as a Challenge Medic with DA for a number of years, having realised the opportunity to combine both her career and her love for travel. She's passionate about trekking and Asia as well as helping people like you to realise their potential by completing an adventure that takes you out of your comfort zone! 

Here she tells us about her favourite challenges, greatest achievement and her top tip for trekking in Asia. 

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Meet Ben Keen: Challenge Leader

Posted by Stephanie Morris on 27-Jul-2016 07:00:00

Ben has been a Challenge Leader with Discover Adventure for the last three years. In that time he's lead our participants to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro by foot and from London to Paris by bike and may just be leading your next trip! 

So with that in mind, we stopped him before he hot footed it off to lead a group of fundraisers cycling from France to Spain, to find out what he classes as his all time favourite challenge, his top tips for challenge preparation and the passport stamp he's yearning for the most...

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Trekking Iceland: It's remote, untamed and it's time you took a walk on the wild side

Posted by Stephanie Morris on 18-Jul-2016 17:54:06
Let's face it, Iceland is the destination of the moment - it's been one of our most popular challenge over the last 12 months and so when Challenge Co-ordinator Sarah was offered a space on our July departure, she didn't think twice about saying yes!

This was her first time in Iceland, so we couldn't wait to have our post Challenge de-brief so we could tell you all about it asap! 

So what will you find out in this short, snappy, but wanderlust filled blog?  

  • The best bits (simply the bits that make your spine tingle with excitement)
  • What makes it tough? (all our challenges are challenges for a reason - so here's why and hopefully it will help you work out if its the one for you!)
  • Top Tips (think of this as the advice from your best friend who's already been there)
  • Why Sarah recommends it and who will it suit? (the bottom line - is this the challenge for you? Read on to find out)
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Climbing Mount Everest | Jo Bradshaw's expedition

Posted by Stephanie Morris on 20-Jun-2016 16:22:47

Here it is - the big interview with Jo Bradshaw on her 2016 expedition to climb Mount Everest

Jo began her venture into life outdoors as a challenger on a Discover Adventure trip back in 2006. She then joined us in the office here at DA HQ before breaking out and becoming a leader herself. With countless Kilimanjaro summits, and European cycle challenges under her belt she decided to take on a life-changing expedition of her own, with her sights set on none other than the highest Mountain in the world, Everest (with numerous training expeditions and other well-known summits in between we might add!)

You can't argue that taking on Mount Everest is a big challenge - so this is a big interview to boot. Grab yourself a beverage and a biscuit and delve in. Look out for:

  • The summit experience, the descent and raw emotion
  • Food at 8000m, exhaustion and losing a stone
  • Relentless focus and self belief (with a little Jack Savoretti on shuffle)
  • The influence of postcards, strangers and friends
  • Fundraising creativity and solid advice for training for any goal
  • The next adventure 
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Topics: Tales from the outdoors