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Don't sweat it: Cool adventures to get you through the summer months

Posted by Holly Moffitt on 24-Jul-2019 09:00:00
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With summer in full swing, things are hotting up. If you haven't got around to getting the fan out of the attic and you've just missed the ice cream van, we've got some adventures to keep you feeling chilled.

Here's a hat trick of challenges that'll take you to snow globe landscapes, exploring remote regions surrounded by forest and experiencing chillier climates to drool over.


Arctic Adventure

Leaping into the heart of Finland, prepare to trek through postcard-perfect landscape thick with snow and startlingly-silent. This is what it says on the tin: an adventure of colder proportion. Straight into the cold, dry Arctic conditions, you'll be snow-shoeing your way to your overnight cabin, complete with Finnish saunas and starry night skies to feel at one with nature. Try your hand at cross-country skiing and fall in love with the adorably excitable huskies when you husky-sled through the frozen wilderness. With a new challenge to test your abilities each day of the trek, this soon becomes a whirlwind adventure with just a moment to catch your breathe. Don't forget to lap up your surroundings en route!


11th - 15th January 2020


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Transylvania Winter Wilderness Trek

In the summertime, Romania is lush green grass and gorgeous lakes. In contrast, winter brings a blanket of snow that freezes over Lake Balea and provides the ultimate base for snow-shoeing in what feels like a million miles away from society. A short but show-stopping trip that explores the lower slopes meandering through tall forest that stretches for miles, as well as spending a night in the Hotel of Ice. A bewildering creation that is built anew each year due to the contrasting seasons, with a different themed design too. Don't be fooled by this fairy-tale setting, this is an exhausting slog, through harsh conditions, that is made sweeter by the icy views and opportunity to embrace the elements of the colder climate. 


19th - 23rd February 2020


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Will's adventure

Northern Lights Winter Trek

With chance to spot the magical aurora borealis (that's Northern Lights to the rest of us) at the end of each day of trekking, this is the adventure that just keeps giving. A wild volcanic landscape decorated with geysers, waterfalls, mountains and glaciers, prepare to be amazed as you trek from the shores of Þingvallavatn through some of Iceland's most dramatic landscape. As the icy winds catch your face, you'll want to keep warm by making your way across the varied snowy terrain that only adds to the challenge. One thing is for sure, this challenge sure puts the 'ice' in Iceland. And not forgetting the geothermal valley, made up of bubbling mud pools and hot springs- a just reward for your hard work and determination getting across the Icelandic wilderness.


1st - 5th November 2019 / 11th - 15th March 2020


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Feeling inspired...

Get yourself signed up for a chilly adventure and let the countdown begin! Which mini yet mighty challenge will you take on?

Arctic Adventure

Transylvania Winter Wilderness Trek

Northern Lights Winter Trek


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