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2024 Travel Trends

Posted by Eva Bryan on 30-Dec-2023 11:15:00

As we enter the new year, we’re looking ahead, and towards the few key travel trends predicted for the travel industry in 2024. It’s clear that the preferences and expectation of travellers is evolving, and there’s set to be a shift in what we are seeking from our journeys.

We’re ready to lead you to destinations that hit the mark!

Embracing Authentic Experiences

2024 is set to mark a juncture where travel isn’t just about crossing destinations off a list but rather about delving deeper into the essence of a destination. This trend includes deep travel and cultural exploration, emphasising connecting with local communities and seeking authentic experiences. There is also set to be a move beyond sustainability towards ‘people-positive’ travel, where the focus is on leaving a positive impact on local communities and fostering human connections while being mindful of environmental and social effects.

Authenticity is at the heart of what we do at Discover Adventure. We’ve always believed that our trips are about immersing yourself in beautiful natural landscapes and understanding and celebrating the local culture. Travel offers a fantastic opportunity to learn, discover and exchange with people worldwide, providing a new perspective and a transformational experience. Our experienced local guides are portals into these fascinating places and are critical in making our trips what they are.


Amos 2nd from left & Joachin second from right


Shared Moments & Group Travel

The aftermath of the pandemic has infused our travel aspirations with a longing for connection. Group travel is on the rise, stemming from a desire to reconnect through experiencing extraordinary moments collectively.

Whether embarking as a solo adventurer or joining with friends or family, the experiences shared within our DA groups linger as cherished memories for years to come. Although these trips have solitary moments, they offer an environment where true connections can flourish, through engaging in shared challenges and triumphs. These journeys foster genuine connections and deepen relationships, creating bonds that last a lifetime.


Analog Adventures

In 2024, it is predicted that an overall ethos of mindful travel will gain momentum, where travellers will move away from an obsession with documenting every moment towards valuing the depth and quality of experiencing the moment.

We’ve always seen our trips as an opportunity for a digital detox, transporting you to remote destinations ­– the depths of a rainforest, a mountain summit or a desert oasis. These experiences are cut off from your day-to-day, and we want you to embrace that! Amidst nature’s extraordinary beauty, it’s impossible for the pace not to slow, encouraging mindfulness, self-reflection and a genuine appreciation of the present.


2 china (5)-1


Exploration of Uncharted Territories

It’s predicted that off-the-beaten-path destinations and low-impact methods of travel are on the rise for 2024; cycling through picturesque landscapes or trekking along unexplored trails offers an escape from the tourist-laden hotspots.

Alongside our iconic bucket list adventures, we’ve got a host of trips (including Trek the Lost City, Cycle Portugal and Croatia Mountain Trek) that take you into the wild and away from the crowds, sure to provide unique and unforgettable experiences. As well as being the most sustainable and environmentally conscious modes of travel, cycling and trekking grant us special access to these remarkable places, off-the-beaten tracks in every sense of the word!


Trending Destinations

According to Lonely Planet, cities such as Marrakesh and Milan are trending for 2024, offering the opportunity for diverse cultural experiences. Although Paris is always a top travel destination, the 2024 Olympics held in the City of Love is drawing in the travellers even more. Additionally, Lonely Planet recommendations highlight destinations like Croatia, India and Ecuador

Join us as we redefine travel in 2024!



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