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2023: in your words

Posted by Eva Bryan on 13-Dec-2023 10:21:27

As another year comes to a close, we wanted to reflect on another dream-making year at DA. From Everest to John O’Groats, we’ve taken people on trips of a lifetime and experiences that will never be forgotten. We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite testimonials to share with you at the end of 2023.

Annie, Trek to Ancient Petra - October 2023


"We had a blast from start to finish! I will attempt to condense my enthusiasm as I could bang on for hours about how great everything was! Accommodation? Fancy hotel versus tent? We had both. But bizarrely, I think I’d rather take the tent! The campsites and the stars were out of this world! Food? Considering all the cooking is done on a portable stove, what was produced was both delicious and plentiful. Guides? Our local guide, Omar, was both informative and a character in equal measure. Greg, our DA guide was simply the best we could’ve hoped for. Kind, patient and supportive to those who needed it. It goes without saying that he made the trip and everyone really appreciated him. I have now done four adventures with DA and have just booked my fifth. Maybe that says it all! A big thank you to DA in general. An amazing company full of incredible staff who all do a brilliant job. I can’t thank you enough!"


Craig, Great Italian Lakes Cycle Challenge - October 2023


"I’ve been on two Discover Adventure challenges, and both have been brilliant. The team go above and beyond for everyone on the trip. I trust DA to deliver a great but challenging trip every time. Can’t fault them!"


Chantal, Carcassonne to Barcelona - September 2023IMG-20230920-WA0001

"Yet again, Discover Adventure deliver an unforgettable cycling experience. This was by far the hardest challenge I’ve taken on, testing me to the limits of my cycling abilities in terms of the long winding accents and sweeping switchback descents. It required a lot of mental and physical grit and determination to get to the top of some of the climbs, but we were rewarded with the most breathtaking scenery and vistas. The sense of elation and personal achievement on completion of this challenge was the best feeling ever. The fantastic DA crew offered continual support and encouragement along the way and clearly worked hard, long hours behind the scenes to make the trip a resounding success for the whole group. If you’re looking for a memorable cycling challenge, this has got to be on your bucket list."


John, London to Geneva Cycle - September 2023 


"When searching for a challenge, Discover Adventure made the whole process easy, and the online portal gives you all the information you may need regarding training, itinerates, costs, travel, and what to expect. The crew were exceptional and bent over backwards to help with issues or answer any questions. The challenge itself was brilliant, and I am extremely likely to use DA again."


 Steven, Trek Kilimanjaro - August 2023


"We honestly could not have asked for more, either from our DA leader, Christina, or the local Tanzanian team, led by Julio. Our overall experience of the culture and people of Tanzania has left a permanent impression on us. The challenge was hard, but the satisfaction and support we received were second to none. If you are thinking of taking it on, do not hesitate and do it with Discover Adventure!


Dalai lama Mountain Trek - April 2023 


"I would have called this ‘the trip of a lifetime’, but it was so amazing and well-organised that it definitely won’t be my last epic adventure with DA. Thank you for making this such an incredible, varied and interesting trek." - Kathryn

"This was my first post-pandemic experience and DA certainly didn’t let me down. Your leaders are world-class and go above and beyond to ensure every detail is covered. Obviously, on mountain treks, the unexpected can arise (terrain, weather, illness, etc.), but the leaders cope with this in a very professional and unflappable manner. I cannot praise their leadership qualities enough. The use of the local support crew is also an integral part of these experiences, and they work so well with the DA crew. They strike camps, feed us and ensure all goes well, and their work is often unseen; however, these experiences could not happen without them, ditto with the office staff. Many, many thanks. I will be returning!" - Mark


Stuart, Inca Trail to Machu Picchu - April 2023 


"Another bucket list tick and amazing DA experience. Thoroughly enjoyable, very challenging and the final destination was spectacular. I felt once again that I had had an experience, rather than a trip away. Brilliant!"


 John, Everest Base Camp - MarCH 2023


"It’s very difficult to sum up this challenge. It really was outstanding, and in a few words, I’m not sure I can do it justice. The team leader, Dinesh, the porters and mountain guides were exemplary, and we all felt safe and looked after at all times. I arrived at Gatwick Airport slightly broken from the pressures of modern-day life, and I hoped the trip would help me find a little peace. I was not to be disappointed! It wasn’t a holiday, it wasn’t a trip, it wasn’t even a challenge, it was an amazing adventure shared with amazing people and if I could, I would repeat it all again tomorrow. When people ask me, I’m not embarrassed to tell them it was life-changing! I will be back!"


So, if you’re interested in following in these footsteps and making some of your own memories with us in 2024 check out our challenges below. Bring it on!

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