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Different adventures to look for in 2020.

Posted by Holly Moffitt on 07-Aug-2019 09:23:44
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With 2019 flying by, many keen adventurers are looking at where to explore in 2020. You're in luck, we've got a whole world of challenges designed to test you in more ways than one. Feeling curious and ready for an adventure a little out of the ordinary? If you're ready to break the mould to set yourself a challenge that offers more than just a few steps off the beaten trail, you've come to the right place. Without further ado...

Here's six of our out-there adventures that you could embark on in 2020.

Tell us which one sparks your interest!


transylvania romania trek


Thick snow blankets Romania in the height of their winter season, engulfing Lake Balea and creating a snow globe landscape that is the ultimate base for snow-shoeing. Setting off in the heart of the Transylvania woodland and mountains, we begin our snow-shoeing expedition across the lower slopes and winding paths. Relentlessly-tiring and crisp cold, snow-shoe through remote regions of Romania across three days and see you if you can survive the night in the Hotel of Ice. Unlikely to meet others on your path and surrounded by silence, apart from the whipping of the wind and calls of nature. The startling tranquillity of this experience combined with the harsh climate leaves you invigorated, if not spellbound. 


trekking romania winter



cycle portugal


Riding the length of a country is no easy feat, and the N2 that runs from Chaves to Faro is no exception. A growing favourite amongst the DA team, this is the euro-cycle you hadn't quite thought of. The N2 is said to be Portugal's answer to Route 66 and offers a consistently steady and undulating route that makes this an achievable yet challenging task. Packed with sweeping valley views and culture hits, from the allure of the micro-climate-inspired wine regions to the hilltop medieval castles and citrus orchards. Endure long days in the saddle with the sun on your back as you take Portugal by storm.


cycling n2 portugal



inca cycle peru


Heading to the Sacred Valley, discover wide, dusty tracks and towering trees and ridges as you follow less-frequented trails and intricate ruins of Peru. If the fight for permits on the Inca Trail doesn't flick your switch, opt for the alternative Peruvian experience and take your wheels to the dirt roads through Pisac to Urubamba on the Inca Cycle. This ride welcomes many abilities, while offering rich culture and just the right challenge factor to make a winning combination. The zig-zag ride from an Andean viewpoint into the rainforest below, offers an exhilarating climax and a bucket-list moment you didn't know you needed. As well as hitting the hot spots: Machu Picchu and the cultural-city of Cuzco with time off your wheels to explore. 


peru cycling challenge



trek sri lanka


You might have heard about the #LoveSriLanka campaign to shine a light on the natural beauty of this largely-undiscovered landscape. Hiding in plain sight, the country boasts a brilliantly-green blanket that make this a trekker's paradise. Straight into the lush vegetation, remote rice paddies and emerald tea estates of Sri Lanka, our trek takes us to through a landscape alive with wildlife. The Knuckles Mountain Range is our focus, as we meet waterfalls, isolated communities and wild forest. Now is the time to discover this precious part of the world, ahead of the crowds and as nature intended. A colossal leap away from every day life, it's fair to say this stimulating adventure immerses you in its entirety. Let curiosity get the better of you.


love sri lanka adventure trek





The High Atlas Mountains is the home of this Moroccan venture, the goal is North Africa's highest point at 4167 m. Taking to the river valleys, Berber farms and mountainous trails, the journey to the summit is steep, rocky and challenging. Not to mention, the factor of altitude. Here's your chance to absorb the local Berber culture as you pass through colourful villages and herds of goats and sheep, on secluded trails that wind to the top of Toubkal. And the view, like every great mountain climb, is all the worth it - looking out across as far as the Sahara desert. A fascinating escapade that offers an alternative mighty-mountain challenge to the well-sized Kilimanjaro. For those brave enough...


MOUNT TOUBKAL trek morocco



snowdon by night


Your mission? Wales's highest peak. In the darkness of night. Setting off as dusk strikes, follow the line of head torches as you make your way up the contours of Snowdon by night. It's a long night as you shuffle one foot in front of the other, a rhythmic march with your fellow trekkers as you sense the enormity of Snowdonia and keep yourselves captivated en route to the summit. The atmosphere on the mountain is undeniably electric, only intensified by nightfall and the millions of stars. It's a tough slog to the top, and a tiring descent, as you reach the finale before a hazy celebratory breakfast. A challenge a little out of the ordinary and into the unknown, but that's exactly what you're after!


trek snowdon wales



Which challenge will you test yourself on?

There might be one that's tempting or perhaps it's a tough call, why not speak to one of the team at DA HQ. Get in touch below and make the first steps towards your extraordinary 2020 experience.

It's time to live the adventure.