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6 Adventures to add to your Bucket List for 2019!

Posted by Holly Moffitt on 05-Jun-2019 11:48:42
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Hello adventurers, adrenaline-junkers, travel-newbies and hermit-crabs,

We're here to give you a dose of travel inspiration in the shape of six adventures that you'll want to add to your bucket list in 2019. All of the following trekking or cycling challenges are available to book for this year, so if you're feeling inspired - don't wait to book.

Your bucket list may already be the length of the Great Wall of China, but we've got some seriously spectacular challenges to feast your eyes on. Take note!



First up, is our Trek the Rockies. Exploring the vast mountainous landscape in Western Canada makes for a truly breath-taking trekking experience. Setting your sights on the snow-capped peaks and jagged mountain ridges, without the factor of extreme altitude to contend with, makes this adventure even sweeter. Don't forget your camera, you'll want to capture the impossibly-turquoise glacial lakes, the forest and steep and rugged trails that meander through the magnificent Rockies.

7th - 15th September 2019

Discover the Rockies

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Bhutan is to be found deep within the eastern Himalayas, isolated from the world for thousands of years, this precious piece of the world remains traditional and true to its heritage. Following the Druk path, astounding natural beauty meets fascinating culture and ancient tradition.

Not only does Bhutan measure its success by happiness rather than economic growth, but it's sustainability is pretty impressive too. In fact, it's completely carbon negative. With 72% of its land covered in forest, Bhutan absorbs more carbon that it produces. Did someone say digital detox?

10th - 20th October 2019

Explore Bhutan


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Combining the natural beauty of the Nepalese valleys with some feel-good project work helping local communities in remote villages, makes this an all-round awesome adventure. Staying in teahouses, glimpse into the day to day lives of villagers and learn about the friendly Tibetan-style culture. The Langtang Valley promises mountain views, yak pastures and rocky ridges that frame this trekking escapade.

13th - 23rd October 2019

Set foot in Langtang


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Step into an other-worldly landscape when you trek 100 kilometres of the Jordan Trail and meander through the striking mountains and escarpments of the Rift Valley. Sandwiched between bold canyons and accumulated over wild desert-strewn land, the trail comes with sweeping views of this extraordinary landscape. Unlike your typical exploration of Petra, we ascent into the 'back door' to the City of the Nabateans skipping the crowds and peeking at some of the lesser-frequented ancient ruins. 

Any keen Aladdin fans may spot some familiar contours along the way, as the latest live action film was filmed in many locations around Petra. But after getting a glimpse of this adventure, we reckon this will be at the top of your genie wish list! 

19th - 27th October 2019

Experience Ancient Petra


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A ride through red desert and intricate pagodas, this challenge explores the rich culture and dusty tracks of Burma. Riding towards a volcano on one day, pedalling through fascinating markets the next. Long, hot days in the saddle are to be expected, this is a challenge after all, but the intrigue of the ever-changing surroundings keep you occupied all the way. Passing rice paddies, ancient temples and teak plantations, and cycling from dry lowlands to jungle-clad hills, set your two wheels on an adventure on a whole other level.

2nd - 11th November 2019

Ride through Burma


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Cloaked in lush, tropical rainforest and deep within the heart of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains, discover the Lost City of Colombia. Trekking through muddy trails and river valleys, we navigate through jungle to reach the 1200 ancient steps that lead to the sacred city. With the rare chance to meet indigenous Kogui communities and find out about their fascinating lives, we sleep in hammocks near their settlements. Don't let the beauty of the Caribbean backdrop allure you, this is a tough and humid trek through a somewhat untouched region. But for those most curious and inquisitive, the Lost City awaits.

8th - 17th November 2019

Reach the Lost City


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To-Do List

  1. Be inspired
  2. Check your calendar and confirm you're available on the aforementioned dates 
  3. Give us a call and secure your space on a bucket list adventure in 2019


If you're inspired and available on the dates of your chosen challenge, you can register your interest online or give us a call and let us know which 2019 challenge has caught your eye. Spaces are remaining on these adventures for now... but not for long!

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